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Biyernes, Hulyo 20, 2012

I am Back (again???!!!)

And so after lingering in the forest of the city, the promdi boy is now back in his hometown.  Oh yes, my  unexciting adventures has made me to go back to the old town that cradled me years ago. And yes, this sudden stop to the province has made me reunited to my new hiatus blog- Kabute Dat Com. Thanks to my parents who were so persistent on convincing me to go back; I, now, have pretty much time to contemplate about things, write  thousands of proses and poetic lines, sore my eyes in staring the laptop screen for hours  so I can write again some (not)crazy , interesting and weird stuff that was suppressed for a long time.

Hiatus is over and being productive in posting reads in this blog is again my thhhingggg. (say it like've missed a lot, its just today when I tweeted in Twitter that I will be back soon in blogging and so here it is. Quick, huh? I told you. Aside from baby sitting my  older bro's kids, I have nothing to do but to think, be creative and tapped this stories of mine  in my lappy.  That will occupy most of my time especially now that I am back to being bum.

And so I guess, this is so much for introductions.. I am back haha. 'til my next post people.

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