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Miyerkules, Abril 25, 2012

Answered Prayer

Ah uh. its not about work but its all about to a thing I love the most.. Singing. Yesterday, I went to attend another training (refresher's course) session in our church music team. If I haven't mention in my previous blogs, I was a member of the church's band. Last year, I have to sing thrice to so that  I could join the Music Ministry. In first level of the audition, I sang "From the Inside Out" of Hillsong United and I finished a little bit pitchy. I passed yeah hurray!!! The second level  was to be able to mimic the created tunes of the pianist through his piano. It was fun, it was the enjoyable level for me. And lastly, was the group singing; you need to blend with two other persons you were with; this was to test our ability to blend ,our musicality and the ability to do back-up singing.

I've passed all the levels. And was absorbed by the music team. Sadly, my stay in the music ministry lasted only for weeks because I went back to the province last year; so my journey to the music ministry was cut short. Upon returning to Manila, I decided to come back to the Ministry and serve the Lord but then my return wasn't easy just like what I have thought. The good thing was, I don't need to audition again and do the recitals, this time I just need to sit in during music rehearsals observe, and join them in a song  whenever I feel want to.

The sitting ins took months and so I wasn't really expecting anymore that I will be "in" soon. But last night, as I have attended the training for the first time for this year's batch, The music head approached me and told me the good news! I am back for good!

Until now, I am very grateful that God answered my prayer. I realized God answers prayers not in our preferred time interval but on His own time because his timing is  the right time.  Sometimes, God don't answer prayers immediately because He wants  us to be patient. He works on the right time and sometimes He lets us wait because He is preparing the best for us. Sometimes, he dont answer because he wants us to learn something especially  when his silent. There are so many reasons why God answers our prayers but one thing I know for sure, " God loves us and He wants the best for his children."

Thank you Jesus for this wonderful answered prayer. I'm gonna serve and use the talent you gave me to exalt your name. :)