Followed the Leader

Martes, Abril 24, 2012


Funny how I vividly recall my return in Manila last February, it was dawn and it was all eerie when I left our province to try again my luck in Manila. After months of staying at home in our province where I became an instant caregiver to my nephew and niece; I decided to go back to the city.
Manila has been my home for about four years already. Somehow,   I've  found comfort to the heavy traffic, to the scarcity of water, also with the polluted gases and  the noise the jitneys and buses make which always reminds me that time is gold .I felt I belong.  Manila has somewhat became a mother to me; it cradled me when I was alone, when I was lost because of many life experiences and family set up changes. It embraced me when I was helpless, when everything was new..  I have embraced to love and live the lifestyle you live people; yes, you people of the urban. It became my identity.

For almost five years, my life has been into corporate jobs, tip toe-ing from one job to another, thinking of a shortcut to success. Ambitious and driven that I was, I’ve transferred to one company to another. It has been like a hobby for me; thinking that its the best way to be rich and successful. But my oh my, I was very wrong.

Recently, I have resigned from my work because of compensation problems. I thought that it was a good move but as days passed, I am starting to doubt my decision.  I am having difficulty of finding work and my finances are too near to bankruptcy. I am lacking....a lot. My sister who works abroad usually saves me when I encounter financial problems. But things have run differently now, since my sister told me that she can no longer extend much help for me.

This is tough since without much finances I know my stay in Manila will be cut short. And I don't want to go back to the province again.  Manila is still, for me, the place for many opportunities.  And I know I just need a break to pull through and be successful too. I don’t want to go back in the province where opportunity is scarce.

Blurry it seems but I believe for God's grace in my condition. Nothing is impossible for a BIG GOD. I’m hoping for the best.  Aja Aja Fighting!